About Us

Dancing Frog Pest Management was formed by Mike Maggard in 2010 as an alternative to conventional pest control. Mike has been in the termite and pest control industry since 1997. Mike is also certified through the National Wildlife Control Operators Association as a Nuisance Wildlife Control operator.  Mikes’ background as a real estate inspector and years of residential construction and remodeling give him a unique perspective and skill set to deal with pest and nuisance wildlife.

“While inspecting houses for home buyers, I noted that more often than not, deferred maintenance, construction gaps, over grown landscape and a host of other conducive (favorable to pest) conditions was the source of many pest problem. For example firewood stacked up against house encourages termites, plants touching house is an invitation to ants, gaps in eaves to roof transitions is an attraction to rats, squirrels and raccoons. I could go on and on but you get the idea. One day while reading the directions of a pesticide label it said to spray where the bugs were getting into the house and I thought why not just seal the area off so bugs, ants and spiders can’t get inside. Common sense, right?”

Dancing Frog is not a major franchise; think of us more as a boutique shop. Mike personally handles all service calls. You will not be dealing with a technician.  Mike has a personal vested interest in the success of any and all pest programs that are put in place. “When I visit your home, it is like having a home inspector, general contractor, termite and pest inspection, and nuisance wildlife and landscape inspection all in one”.